Lockdown Escape Cotswolds Tour this weekend. Great to see so many familiar faces looking so well. Really good to be out again and the Cotswolds looked stunning, Helped by some ample watering from above!!! Can’t wait for Dorset next….


Hello all,

We are launching a new series of one day tours…

As lockdown restrictions are now easing in England I feel it is appropriate to start planning for the future.

We will look to start small and local with an aim to restart with a series of 5 single day trips in Central and Southern England

New Dates as follows

Cotswolds        Saturday 27/06/2020
Dorset              Saturday 04/07/2020
Salisbury Plain Saturday 11/07/2020
East Devon       Saturday 18/07/2020
Ridgeway         Saturday  25/07/2020


Further trips will be announced soon, depending on the popularity of these trips, restrictions allowing.

At this present time we do not want to over-commit to a schedule we can’t deliver on…

Once campsites reopen we will look at longer weekend and 4 day trips.

Due to group size restrictions of 6 people meeting up outside, initial trips will be charged per person with a max group size of 5 people and/or vehicle per trip plus the guide. This will be relaxed back to 5 vehicles (irrespective of passengers) as soon as practicable possible. This does mean if you have 2 people in a vehicle you will pay double etc.


Episode 5 of the Countryfile Autumn Diaries contains a piece on 4×4 usage in the Lake District National Park and rather unsurprisingly its bias doesn’t genuinely reflect the true situation.

Please watch between 8 mins and 17 minutes

Listen carefully to what they say and note there is no support from our side of the argument. 2 antis and one sit on the fence. Not very balanced…


In fact its worse than that as its a very poor piece of journalism that perpetuates the lies and untruths made up by the anti-vehicle lobby.

Please lodge your complaints about the programme at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/contact/complaints

You can also email the show directly to complain to the production team countryfile@bbc.co.uk

Thank you.

Countryfile Autumn Diaries, 2019: Episode 5: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0009vll

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