Guided tours offer a great way of accessing the myriad of green lanes that exist in England and Wales. Our tours allow you to access the research and knowledge of an experienced guide. This ensures that you drive on the best lanes an area has to offer and that the routes taken are legal, suitable for your vehicle and sustainable.

Vehicles in the countryside can be an emotive issue and it is imperative that greenlaning is undertaken in a responsible manner. 4X4 Adventure Tours adheres to the Glass Greenlane Code of Conduct and the Countryside code. All routes are pre-driven and checked for legal vehicular rights with no traffic regulation orders in place before each tour. Our guide vehicles are fully equipped with recovery equipment, first aid essentials and we provide walkie talkies for each vehicle in the tour.

Taking a tour with 4×4 Adventure Tours offers you an enjoyable, safe and hassle free way to enjoy the countryside with your 4×4.

One of the first rules of greenlaning is not venture out in a single vehicle. For safety and security a minimum of 2 vehicles is recommended. 4X4 Adventure Tours offers you a great way to travel with like minded enthusiasts as part of a small group, never more that 6 including the guide.

4×4 Adventure Tours are open to all makes of 4×4 vehicle with a high/low ratio transfer box. Unfortunately this means no SUVs (Freelander’s and the like) due to ground clearance issues on many routes. That said, if you do own an SUV and have a hankering to drive some greenlanes, then please get in touch. Given a few like minded individuals we would be more than happy to arrange a special day suitable to you and your requirements.

With careful route selection and careful driving it is highly unlikely your vehicle will sustain any damage, however due to the nature of the activity and the variations in driving styles this can never be fully guaranteed.

The most likely for concern is light scuffing from overgrown vegetation. If your paintwork is particularly shiny – as with a new vehicle – then please enquire first as some routes are more suitable than others.

Routes average 50 – 60 miles and this usually entails 6-7 hours driving. We start around 9am and aim to finish around 4-5pm depending on the conditions. We meet in a pre-arranged location normally close to the starting point of the tour.

Yes, children are very welcome. These tours are a great way for children to experience the countryside, although it can be a long day, so we would suggest they have something to keep them entertained in the back of the car.

Well behaved dogs are welcome but must be kept under suitable control at all times, especially near livestock. Don’t forget a drink and pick-up bags.

Yes, we usually take a break mid-morning, half an hour for lunch, followed by a further break in the afternoon. If you find something interesting to explore or photograph then there is always time for this.


Lunch and refreshments/flask, warm clothes and waterproofs, phone, full tank of fuel and your CAMERA!

Please read full preparation guide

4×4 adventure tours preparation guide

No, our routes are carefully chosen and driven many times by ourselves to ensure the suitability of the tour. Our guide vehicles are fully equipped with all the necessary recovery equipment should it be required. Many routes will require crossing fords but these are safely crossable by a standard vehicle, if not then there is always a bypass in place.

Please read full preparation guide

4×4 adventure tours preparation guide


Yes, the trips run in all weathers, although alterations to the route may be made in exceptional circumstances.