The end of our African journey

Well it’s taken a while but some of our videos from our trans-African adventure are finally finished. These two are from a 3 day trip into the world’s oldest desert, the Namib in Namibia, which forms part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Diamond ghost towns, shipwrecks, some of the world’s largest dunes were some of the amazing highlights!

It was almost the end of our African journey from Bristol to Cape Town and we joined an organised trip into the mesmerising desert. There were more than a few moments when we thought we’d be leaving Russell behind as the going was seriously tough. In some of the shots you can see the damage to his shocks – that was hitting a pot hole in Sudan’s Darfur region after being shot at!

Finding amazing new routes in Mid Wales.

Had a fantastic weekend exploring some of the wilder parts of Mid Wales. More research for new routes for 4X4 Adventure Tours to ensure we deliver a great green laning trip.

The plan for Saturday was to start at Welshpool and head west towards the coast taking in the southern area of the Snowdonia National Park.

The route was a real mixture of farmland, forest and high mountain passes and some great fords.

With a stop over for Saturday night in Llanwrtyd Wells, 2009 winner of the the best village in Wales. We were greeted at the Neuadd Arms by the rather bizarre sight of the local Monster Raving Looney party annual knees up. However this sort of think should not be a surprises in the headquarters of world bog snorkelling championship.

Following a slightly more boisterous night than originally planned a fine Welsh breakfast set us well on the road to recovery, and a rather chilly wade into a big ford to check the depth on the first lane of the day, completed the process.

Another animal rescue situation arose when we spotted a pony stranded in a ditch in a field beside one of the lanes. Deciding we would cause more distress attempting to help the animal, we continued on our way and reported the situation at the first opportunity.

The rest of the route followed a series of big lanes heading south to our final destination in Brechfa forest. The lanes in the forest are about as good as they gets with steep rocky climbs, muddy sections through the trees and big puddles – everything a really great greenlane experience should be about.

All in all a great weekend. You’ll love this trip if you’re looking for a more challenging drive, however its suitable for all levels and vehicles.