10 days
Suitable for all

Join 4×4 Adventure Tours on an overland expedition to the Pyrenees from 3rd to 12th June 2024

Our 10-day adventure is designed to fit into a two-week vacation and takes in the Spanish Pyrenees and Andorra​.

The overland expedition covers enormously varied terrain including mountains, rivers, desert, and forest.

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Spirit and intention of the trip

4×4 Adventure Tour runs this Pyrenees trip as an overland adventure expedition. This means we expect the group to work together as a team and you will need to be an active participant in the adventure.


The route and agenda are flexible depending on the group’s abilities, vehicles and preferences, as is accommodation choices.
Teamwork will allow us to take on more challenging and adventurous routes that would otherwise not be possible as individuals. You may be asked to carry additional pieces of recovery equipment.

Off-road adventure

This trip is intended as an off-road 4×4 adventure, not a cultural tour. It will not specifically include any site seeing trips, although time aside may allow for this. We will be seeking out challenging terrain that will test your driving skills and use the full capabilities of your 4×4 vehicles. 

START LOCATION Pamplona, Northern Spain
FINISH LOCATION Argeles -sur-mer, Southern France
VEHICLE REQUIREMENTS Suitable for all full size 4x4s. Preparation Guide provided on booking
WEAR Pack for all weather conditions
Professional guide Extensive First aid
Emergency Satellite Phone UHF Radios
Recovery equipment Fully prepared lead vehicle
Food and drink
Ferry and accommodation


Driving ability

It is not necessary to have had any previous experience of “off-road” driving, however, this trip is recommended for experienced drivers only.  There are long distances to cover and you can expect to be driving most of the day, every day. It is preferable (and far more enjoyable) if you have a co-driver that you can share some of the driving with.


Vehicle Suitability

This trip is suitable for all full size 4x4s. Well maintained standard vehicles are suitable for this trip. Extensive off-road and/or overland  modifications are not required but a few well chosen ones may helpful at times.  The minimum requirement for all vehicles is a high/low transfer box, AT rated tires and proper front and rear recovery points. A preparation guide will be provided.


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