The following social distancing measures will be put in place to help ensure your safety on the tour in line with government advice.

  1. You must stay 2 meters apart at all times (except with same household members)
  2. Max 30 people in 5 groups of 6 or less
  3. Each Vehicle is considered a separate group of upto 6 people
  4. No mingling between vehicle groups.
  5. Bring your own gloves, facemasks  and hand santiser, as appropriate
  6. At meeting points and lunch/break stops  vehicles should be parked at least 10m apart to ensure adequate room for movement around the vehicle with doors open and still maintain the 2m social distancing rule. No Mingling between groups
  7.  Only the nominated Driver should speak with  the Guide
  8. UHF Radios will be provided. The guide vehicle is also fitted with a CB radio should you wish to use you own. Radios will be sanitised before and after use. A microphone and earpiece is available.
  9. A briefing will be provided the night before the trip by email. No briefing will be given on the day.
  10. To prevent the transmission of virus from gates to your vehicle and visa versa.
    1. Use hand sanitiser after leaving your vehicle and before touching a gate.
    2. Use hand sanitiser again after touching the gate and before returning to your vehicle.
    3. Wearing gloves does not prevent you spreading coronavirus by touch. Use hand sanitiser even if wearing gloves or put on a new pair of gloves every time you leave your vehicle and dispose of them (responsibly in a bin) before you get back into it.
  11. Close all gates unless you find them securely fastened open.
  12. Take all your litter home.
  13. Clean up after your dog and keep it under control.
  14. Most public toilets are closed. You must make your own arrangements. Either use a tree/bush and a shovel or bring a portal camping toilet and don’t forget the loo roll.
  15. Bring all food, drink and fuel that you need for the whole trip with you from home. Don’t rely on buying supplies while you are out.
  16. Maintaining social distancing may become difficult in the event of a breakdown, a recovery or a first aid situation.
    1. Do not attend if your vehicle if it is unreliable or poorly maintained.
    2. Don’t attempt to drive lanes where there is a risk that you might get stuck or damage your vehicle.
    3. Don’t attempt any vehicle repairs or recovery unless you can do so without risking injury to anyone.
    4. If help is required keep at least 2m away from other people. Where that is impossible, then everyone should wear face masks and working back-to-back or side-to-side reduces the risk if virus transmission compared with face-to-face
  17. It is not possible to totally avoid locals or other users while out in the countryside, but efforts will be made to avoid popular areas. Please avoid engaging in conversations with other users. Where possible give way to all other users and try to allow room for them to pass safely and easily, (but don’t drive into a ditch to do so…). Raise windows and do not engage in conversation. A smile and a wave is enough. Use of your horn on a byway is considered offensive.